Our Shop

Great stories have one thing in common with our soaps , they are created with love and patience. Our greatest strength lies in our transparency. Total transparency regarding our products , our operation but also our way of working.

You just have to push the doors of our shop in the south of France, in Puget-sur-Argens, to enjoy a show for your senses . Let each smell intoxicate you, surrender to each color but more importantly, our bay window allows you to observe our team working and creating our beautiful soaps in our laboratory. Manufacturing should not be an obscure process, Secrets d'Autrefois has chosen to expose it to everyone, in complete transparency . We have nothing to hide, but everything to show.

Wood , noble materials, cans , old instruments and utensils ; this is what awaits you once inside our shop . This leap into the distant past will transport you through cities and continents.

Laboratory, shop, storage in the back of the shop, everything is selected, handled, made and stored in this same shop.
Do not hesitate, push the door and let yourself be carried away in a timeless adventure, an experience out of time.

Secrets d'Autrefois, Artisan of natural skincare

Address :
Chemin des Vernèdes - 83480 Puget sur Argens

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