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Secrets of the Past is an ode to nature and the wisdom of our elders. Founded in 2021 by Katia Givelet, this artisanal soap factory aims to reconnect humanity with ancestral traditions and respect for the environment.

The story of Secrets d'Autreviens is written with passion and authenticity. Born from a desire to reconnect with the know-how of the past and the love of nature, our brand is committed to preserving these treasures so that you can take care of yourself with complete peace of mind. At a time when ecological challenges are influencing our kindness, it is crucial to go back to basics and act at our level to protect our planet and our health.

100% natural and high quality products for the greatest pleasure of your skin.

Our mission

perpetuate age-old craftsmanship by offering natural and environmentally friendly products. From the time of the pharaohs of Egypt to ancient Greece, the beauty secrets of our ancestors have crossed the centuries to reach us. It is time to rediscover these forgotten treasures and together rediscover the serenity that has been stolen from us.

Each product is unique. Our hands shape them one by one.

A vision

Secrets d'Autreviens was born from a deep vocation: to create handmade soaps and cosmetics, from natural and controlled ingredients, with respect for nature, your skin and ecological commitments. Craftsmanship was obvious. With the help of Grandmother Lisette, we embarked on this adventure of a lifetime.

You will no longer have any doubts about the products you use for your own skin.

Why choose Secrets d’Autreviens?

Because it is time to say goodbye to chemicals, phthalates, CMR and other substances harmful to our health. Studies show that women use nearly 500 chemicals on their skin daily, primarily on the face. However, a tiny quantity of cosmetics on the market is correctly validated by approved toxicologists. At Secrets d'Autreviens, we have chosen transparency and quality.

How ?

By rigorously selecting 100% natural ingredients and favoring cold saponification for our solid soaps, an ancestral method which preserves the benefits of oils and butters. Our team, trained in this art, creates unique, biodegradable and non-polluting products with love and care.

For who ? For you, because each person is unique and deserves products adapted to their needs. Whatever your skin type, our varied range of natural products will meet your expectations.

The knowledge of the ancients is an invaluable treasure that we need so much. Secrets d'Autreviens invites you to dive into this rich and authentic universe, to rediscover together the serenity and natural beauty that lies dormant within each of us.

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“Box received as a gift, a pleasant scent upon opening, excellent quality products to use every day! The soaps and massage melt are very moisturizing and leave a pleasant smell on the skin, the candle is incredible, like everything else! I would happily order more!”

– Charlene G.

“Very effective soap for my teenagers, who no longer have a problem with blackheads since using it. Soap prevents pimples without drying out the skin. Very economical, it lasts much longer than a cleansing gel. I recommend.."

– Sandrine B.

“It’s a real moment of relaxation, its scent reminds me of vacations… I love it!.”

– Myriam B.