Our history

Created in 2021, Secrets d'Autrefois was born from a vision; that of Katia Givelet , the founder. Driven by the desire to reconnect with the know-how of our ancestors and with the nature they respected so much, Secrets d'Autrefois wants to pass on this treasure to allow you to take care of yourself with your eyes closed. This meaningful idea is all the more important today, when ecological issues dictate the benevolence of this approach.

We can all act at our level, Secrets d'Autrefois proves it on a daily basis by offering natural products , from ancestral craftsmanship. From ancient Egypt to ancient Greece, all its secrets have trickled down to our grandmothers. It is time for us to rediscover these skills, to rediscover together the serenity that has been taken away from us.

Secrets d'Autrefois was born out of the need to change things. A real vocation to create by hand, using controlled natural products, soaps and cosmetics with respect for nature , your skin and the ecological commitments specific to this vision. Craftsmanship was a no- brainer . With the help of Grand-mère Lisette , Secrets d'Autrefois embarked on this project of a lifetime.

Why Secrets of Yesteryear :
Back to basics, to put an end to products composed of phthalates, CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic substances), petrochemicals and everything that is harmful to our skin and our health. Studies conducted by British organizations reveal the sad truth hidden by large consumer brands. Women apply nearly 500 chemicals to the skin daily, mostly to the face. Using nearly fifteen products and cosmetics, including lipsticks, mascaras, perfumes, make-up in general and other lotions. Each product applied contains about twenty different products, not all of which have been approved or even tested. Worse still, according to a US study, a tiny amount of cosmetics on the market are properly validated by licensed toxicologists. Some of these products are even responsible for the most common skin problems such as acne, pimples or even dry skin. Women have sensitive skin, attacked daily by waxing, shaving, exfoliation. Every woman has already tasted the bitter taste of the inconvenience of the harmful effects of a cream, an industrial cosmetic.

How :
It is sometimes difficult to find your way around by reading the label of a supermarket product. All these complicated scientific names unfortunately hide a reality ; we don't know what we put on our bodies. At Secrets d'Autrefois, we have nothing to hide, but everything to show . Our labels are clear, the products we use are just as clear. For good reason, all our products are 100% natural . We select them carefully in order to bring you the best benefits, those that you really deserve. Our formulas are checked by toxicologists, validating our cosmetics and ensuring clear and precise monitoring. This is what allows us to design with complete transparency , and with the assurance that our cosmetic products are of excellent quality. But the best products in the world are just ingredients if you don't know how to put them together. This is where the elders and our little secrets come into play.

We use the cold saponification process for all our solid soaps. An ancestral and used method

for many years, allowing all the benefits of oils and butters to be preserved without burning them. Our team is trained in this art . It is also not insignificant if "craft" includes "art" within it. All of our products are handled, processed and carefully handmade. The irregular shapes of our soaps are only the mark of their creation. Each is unique . The natural aspect of our designs and products is also in line with the challenges of our time. Ecology and the impact on the environment is a major element. All our products are biodegradable and do not pollute.

For whom :
Each person is different. Each story is unique, each problem is unique. So much so that each product must be intended for a person. From dry skin to oily skin, from acne-prone skin to irritated skin, the wide variety of natural products we use offers a varied range of products in line with what you are really looking for.

The knowledge of the ancients: an infinite knowledge that we need so much.